The Cloud is not just a load of pie in the sky

The Cloud is an exciting place right now and there are areas of growth that anyone involved, however tangentially, should know about. We have compiled a list of three of the most important upcoming trends.

1. Cloud Budgets

A third of all businesses run a Cloud budget of between two and a half million dollars and twelve million dollars. Things like AI, IoT, CaaS, etc. are growing in popularity, lending truth to the claims that Cloud is swiftly becoming a major focus for IT departments.

There is an inordinate amount of waste currently happening in the Cloud and, now that it is being identified, streamlining is finally happening.

Without an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, you cannot make use of the solutions out there at your disposal. Without knowledge of your own situation, you cannot reduce your budget. Optimisation means improving your unique situation with tools that enhance said situation.

If you try to cut corners and lowball the budget, which most businesses usually do by a quarter, this deepens difficulties where there should be elegant solutions to these difficulties.

2. Multicloud or Hybrid Cloud

Moving from physical servers to multiple Cloud vendors is a large undertaking and can seem daunting at first, until it is underway. As the Cloud is entrusted with more and more of a business’ information and workload, the increase in multi-cloud is increasing exponentially.

Cloud-native will replace the need for providers. Organisations will gain a greater understanding of what they require, what is available and what needs to be developed, in order to get to where they know they can. Capabilities within the Cloud will always, of course, impact this but with the technology now catching up to the ambitions, companies can move with great agility toward the next trend.

Investment in this will always be ongoing as there will regularly be updated technology, offering the chance of further savings and shortcuts. Functionality and ways to reduce risk will always be things worth investing in and striving for.

Hybrid Cloud offers the best of both the public and private Cloud, depending on what your company needs at a specific time. Balance is the keyword here, allowing you to benefit from the flexibility of the public Cloud while enjoying the compliance and efficiency of the private

3. Cloud.Sustainability

Values are how organisations are being increasingly viewed by their customers. Sustainability and a prioritisation of the environment signals to prospective clients that you have real values and 4/5 of consumers feel this is an issue of great importance.

While a net-zero future is being touted, how does this relate to the Cloud? Migrating infrastructure to the Cloud can result in a saving in energy and carbon emissions of over 50%. Evaluating processes and migrating the most resource-heavy processes off physical servers and onto the Cloud is where the savings happen, and where you show your savvy plus your sustainability bone fides.

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