Five reasons why recruitment partners are what you need right now

As companies wake up to the fact that the candidates they are looking for are in high demand and it is becoming harder to secure them, more people are choosing exclusive recruitment partnerships. These partnerships offer security on both sides of the arrangement.

“But why do we have to when there are recruiters out there who don’t require a partnership?”, we hear you cry. It is true that there are lots of recruiters out there eager to help you out but that way of doing things is not the silver bullet it once was.

Here are 5 ways Exclusive Partners can help your company.

  1. Knowledge

With in-depth knowledge of salaries, resumes, job specs, career trajectories, hiring trends and much more, specialised staff have endless experience whereas their generalist competitors do not. They can strategise and problem-solve as they are no strangers to your sector. Real, earned knowledge simplifies the process considerably.

2. Feedback

A partner is honest with you. They are there to deliver, and that means feedback too. Recruitment Partners take the responsibility to guide you very seriously and with the aforementioned knowledge, highlighting something that isn’t obvious, to help you, can be critical to your success. Generalists generally, and we might be generalising here, take the easier route, letting any gained knowledge go, rather than broach difficult subjects.

3. Quality

Having access to a larger pool of more specific candidates sets the specialist apart. Using dedicated methods to discover talent, which is not even on the job boards yet, is how they do it. This also means they are pre-screened and much more likely to meet your criteria. Understanding the needs of both sides ensures the correct candidates are put forward.

4. Focus

Dedicated focus is something that is not really talked about in terms of recruitment, as if it is a given that any recruiter you engage will give 100% of their time to you and your hiring. Yet, if there is no exclusivity, then how would you know you are getting even 50% effort. With the lottery that is going on in the candidate-driven market, a generalist recruiter is probably hedging their bets, and in those circumstances it is wise for them to do that, but not helpful for you.

5. Ease

Using experts will make the process easier, possibly shorten the time-frame depending on the niche you are recruiting in and they can leverage connections to help you get what you want. They will already have a structure in place to find and persuade candidates. They can simplify job spec creation and streamline your interview process. They can advise you on what the prospects will and won’t go for, what they are and are not looking for. All of this makes the process so much easier.

With these reasons, it is easy to see why savvy companies are moving toward this style of recruitment. If you like what you’ve read, then reach out to find out more.

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