The well-being of your recruiters is the stress test of your company

Are your recruiters happy? Talent drives success. It is as simple as that. Without it, all the will in the world cannot make a business a success. Without recruiters, whether inhouse, generalist or partnership, that talent cannot be found. When it really clicks, it is the best feeling in the world.

With all of talk about and drive toward AI-augmented recruitment, what is missing from the conversation is the human side. The things that motivate dedicated recruiters to go that extra mile to find that perfect candidate. It cannot be created as an algorithm.

With long-term recruiters and those new to the industry, there are common areas of frustration when it comes to careers within the industry. Some are common in most industries but sometimes there is a perfect storm of factors within recruiting which leads to dysfunction.

Failures in communication can damage morale far beyond the obvious. Misunderstandings can pile up if they are not addressed. Paranoia can creep in that they are being left out of the loop on purpose. This can breed resentment which affects the day-to-day operation.

Constantly changing schedules, admin problems, high pressure contracts and the ‘groundhog day’ nature of constantly having similar or the same conversations can put pressure on mental health.

If a recruiter isn’t looking after themselves, how can they look after the best interests of the client? In purely business terms, it makes sense to look after your recruiters, let alone the moral imperative to support your team and make sure everyone is okay. Stressed and distracted recruiters are not going to perform at their best, so why exacerbate the situation?

If you are hiring a recruitment firm to help find great candidates, are you checking that they have suitable structures in place to find said candidates? Are they over-promising to get the contract and leaving their recruiters to pick up the pieces on sometimes unachievable tasks? Contingency recruiters can sometimes do this as they do not get paid at all if they do not supply the candidate who secures the job.

One of the things the recruitment firm can do is to offer training and support. This can be in courses to help them deal with demanding clients or to upskill to rise to the level they want to be at. Recognising achievements is also a great, simple way to boost how someone is feeling. Self-care and taking holidays that they are owed will help mental well-being too.

The simplest thing recruiters can do for themselves, is to ask themselves: why am I a recruiter? They may want to write a ‘Pros’ and ‘Cons’ list because there is no point remaining in a role you are not sure about. If there are doubts, these should be communicated. 46 percent of recruiters who were recently surveyed admitted that they don’t communicate their feelings or needs when it comes to their job and that is pretty surprising. A conversation needs to start and management must demonstrate that they are willing to listen, understand and act.

Nurturing recruiters has a knock-on effect to the client. When a recruiter feels truly connected to their company, they go out into the world and connect meaningfully with candidates and can really connect those candidates with your clients. It is a false economy to constantly push staff to work harder and harder when the point of recruiting is connecting human beings. Without that human element, it may as well be machines that are doing the work, and we all know how that can go badly wrong, especially for recruitment.

What a business, any business, should not lose track of is the fact that people are much more important than the processes you have put in place. If something isn’t working, it is likely that it is the process that needs to change rather than all of the people involved.

Ultimately, this is a people business and people do not excel if they are put under excessive pressure and not appreciated. So if you want your people business to thrive, help the people in the business thrive.

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