Which road will you choose?

Recruitment companies can be different and unique, as different and unique as your company’s needs. If you are looking for a recruitment company, what are the attributes you might be looking for?

Some work closely with clients and their services are retained whilst others work on a more freelance basis, where multiple recruiters race to fill a role first. There was a time when the generalist recruiter was all you could find, but more and more, the culture of recruitment is changing and specialist recruitment partners are emerging as the option for those who have specific recruitment needs.

The size of the recruiter’s team depends upon how they recruit and who they recruit for. A small team works best if engaged by a client and can include some automation of services. A larger team may divide priorities up and have individuals working vacancies within a smaller demographic such as an individual city or pay grade.

There can sometimes be competition within larger teams which can exacerbate things but then sometimes they are really necessary for huge projects. Smaller teams usually communicate better but there are fewer moving parts so large-scale projects can prove difficult. There are pros and cons to hiring small or large teams and once again, you need to work out which will be the best fit for you.

Every recruitment agency has values, whether it acknowledges that fact or not. Choosing the right fit in terms of outlook and culture is important as you will be working closely with the team every day during your hiring campaign, to create job specs and collateral, and often a lot longer beyond that time, if you need them during the interview process. It is important that the lines of communication are clear, and that honest feedback can be shared freely. If you are both on different pages it just will not work, no matter how hard you try.

Some agencies value commission incentives while others have abandoned that model. Some argue that it can foster an unfair work environment while others argue that it encourages people to perform at the peak of their abilities. You must sit down and work out how your organisation feels about all of these issues.

Ultimately the recruiters you hire to work your projects are an extension of the management structure of your firm, however temporarily. Sharing viewpoints will feed into the strength of the organisation as a whole.

Recruitment come in all shapes and sizes and so do your recruitment needs. The question you must ask is: “Can they deal with your recruiting needs?”

A recruiter who specialises in your area of business will have the experience, the knowledge and the network to find you prime hires. This benefits you in a few ways. Firstly, they will understand your needs quicker, even in some cases more than you do, due to their experience. Basically, they have seen it all before. Secondly, they can save time and money because they will understand the candidates better, will recognise a good fit and, especially in tech, will be able to recognise gaps in a candidate’s skillset earlier.

Next time you find yourself looking for a recruiter and you feel yourself being swayed by their plaudits, ask whether they can empathise with your specific recruiting needs.

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