Driving away great, qualified candidates is the ultimate facepalm

You may not want to hear it. You may cover your ears and hide from it. You may avoid anyone who is trying to tell you this, but you have to face facts. When it comes to AI, Machine Learning and Data Science, quality candidates are currently swamped with offers. This is no longer a buyer’s market.

Yet still businesses are acting like they have all the time in the world to find the skilled individuals or teams that will make their data projects happen. One could put it down to burying their heads in the ground, one could allow for the company being slow to identify and fix problems, one could consider that to some, this is just how recruitment is: a long drawn-out experience.

But let’s imagine your firm doesn’t actually want to lose prime candidates, causing work and projects to back up, money draining away. Let’s imagine that you don’t have that much time to waste. How can you avoid this happening to you?

Well, firstly, you need to actually acknowledge that you have a gut. We’re not talking about any lockdown weight you might have put on. We are talking about that sense you have when something is wrong or right. Without using your gut, especially within data recruitment, you are in for a world of pain.

Look, we understand that Covid-19 has complicated hiring. Doing video interviews can be a pain and they can really take some getting used to. Poor internet connection or worrying about the webcam that is pointing right up your nose can distract you from taking in everything the prospect is saying. This can only improve with practice.

Do you know how well some companies are doing at hiring during these times? One company we know of makes offers after one video interview. How can this be? Because they are organised, they are cool and they are going with their gut when it comes to the hire. Ask yourself: would you or could you forgive a bad video interview? Would you display the same courtesy to the candidate that they would to you if you were having technical issues or were nervous about whether the room they are speaking to you from looks a mess or not?

Without understanding, and gut instinct, this process will not be easy on you. It is a fact, in many cases, that businesses are over-interviewing because they can’t interview in the office. Is it feasible to do face-to-face? With lockdown easing, there are workarounds, as long as you bear in mind the safety concerns.

The amount of stages within the interviews are growing, due mainly to hesitancy to just make a decision. What do you think is reasonable? When you were at school, did you love taking tests? Well guess what? Adults don’t like it either. Sometimes you have to make a candidate take a test and that is fair enough, but multiple tests, no matter the purpose, feel excessive for the candidate. For candidates receiving multiple offers, it is downright crazy to do this.

What does it say about your company when your competitor can wrap up the process in two steps? Your lack of consideration for your processes is killing candidates’ perception of your organisation

Take some responsibility. Don’t pass the buck by saying “Oh I like him/her but what do you think?” Why should a candidate sign up for a job where the managers refuse to commit to a course of action? It is fair to say that the prospect, when imagining what it would be like to work for you, will not imagine a company that can deliver on its promises even if it really wants to.

Long-winded and inflexible hiring practices lead to a paralysis of projects which leads to desperation further down the line. While you are holding off on hiring, waiting for that imaginary, perfect candidate you haven’t even met yet, the great candidates you have met will lose patience with you and go elsewhere.

So what are you going to do about it?

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