The future is bright for those engaging with recruiters correctly

If you have been struggling to recruit data talent, there will be a really obvious reason for that. The fact of the matter is that the roles that require data talent far outnumber the amount of top quality talent out there in the job market. So that is the problem, what is the solution?

When we started our company, the concept was to specialise in Data, AI and Machine Learning. We noticed a lack of specialism within recruitment and a need for companies to find prime candidates or build teams quickly. The problem with traditional recruitment companies is that they are too general in their approach. The reality is that businesses need a partner rather than an agency.

The marketplace has stalled due to the Covid-19 crisis but things have started to pick up. Businesses who mothballed their data projects are bringing them back online. With this surge in activity, comes a need for talent. Competition for these high-skilled individuals is becoming competitive. Ultra-competitive, in fact. Even in 2019, the Royal Society reported that the demand for data specialists had tripled within five years. Even though we do not have the hard data for 2021, anecdotally we at Zenshin can see the growth and it is becoming clear that companies are missing out on great talent because their strategy is out of touch with reality.

One reason for these recruitment failures is the fact that businesses are not partnered with recruitment experts but send out assignments to a glut of online recruiters. These recruiters follow a pattern which, certainly within Data & AI, is becoming out-dated. On the other hand, some recruiters, when they have a technologist on their books, will market them around to all the companies they can. Both of these styles are transactional processes. They are not partnerships.

The main problem is two-fold. The transactional nature of the relationship means that neither side cares much about the other apart from getting the result. Secondly, the way things are done is not time efficient. Having to wade through unsuitable candidates takes up a lot of time and resources because the initial search was inefficient and failed to zero in on prime candidates. This slows down the project the company is recruiting for and sometimes results in making an offer to a candidate who is not perfect for the role. If no offer is made, it means another round and more time and money down the drain.

A major reason that a company cannot find the perfect candidate for the job, and this is a thing that online recruiters miss, is that the perfect candidate may not be on the market yet. These candidates may be ‘passively’ looking but they are relatively happy where they are and nothing has pushed them to update their resume. This brings up two interesting points. Firstly, if there are still high-quality candidates on the job market openly applying for these sought-after roles via online recruiters, why have they not been snapped up yet? Is it that they are lacking some required skills? Secondly, is the reason that the qualified and passive candidates are not making the leap because they are scared to make a move because they are not confident about companies whose job ads display a lack of understanding of data? Perhaps they are used to transformational projects and have not been persuaded by a recruiter that a project geared up to do something seemingly more mundane like save money for a business is a great move for them.

Bearing these issues in mind, if you are seeking data experts and that search has not bore fruit yet, remember that the best way to find something is to task a specialised expert in finding it because they know where to look and the best relationship is a partnership so that both sides are equally invested in making the search a success.

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