Companies are realising that Cloud Data Analytics are within their reach

Cloud-skilled candidates are in huge demand and a deficit of those skills within a company is the main stumbling block holding back the next stages after successful adoption of Cloud within businesses today. To remain competitive, how can a business ensure that it has a team ready for the Cloud initiatives that will spell success in your future?


The major factor which boosts a Cloud professional’s desirability to a business is, of course, experience. Those who have worked on large-scale Cloud projects are much more likely to be hired. The Cloud has been around for many years, but Cloud Data Analytics is relatively new and its growth is now outstripping that of AI or ML. The number of skilled individuals is minimal compared to those two disciplines at the moment, so this means they are at a premium, with companies making real efforts to keep their existing Cloud experts. You must support these individuals as feeling like they are not making a difference is one of the main reasons for them looking for another role.


There is a lot of value being placed on candidates holding the right certificates and qualifications. The vast majority of those who are moving into Cloud Analytics swear by the need for correct certs. If they do not hold one, they should at least be working towards one, in order to make sure that they stand out amongst the competition. Over half of candidates will hold a cert and just under a fifth are currently studying for one.


Whilst Covid-19 has been a terrible time for most, some people have used the time to upskill, including Cloud Data Analysts have been using the time to upskill and sometimes work on their own Cloud data projects to gain a greater understanding of the parameters of Cloud. With new projects starting up after lockdown uncertainty, it is the perfect time to find eager new Cloud experts, ready to drive your progress forward.


Companies should value that experience, additional training and the thirst for knowledge, and quite a lot of them do, with a third of firms increasing pay for those who earned a certificate. Not just that, but around two thirds of those companies actually contributed to the cost of those certificates. This reveals both the need for appropriately skilled individuals and how important those companies are treating their Cloud-based future. You will need to offer competitive pay if you are to attract experience.


Building a team with experience first, means you will down risk, with problems like data loss, cost, time and lack of efficiency, dealt with. When growing the team, newer talent should then be brought in. You can make sure these team members receive the correct training, investing in them to show them that they are valued and there is progression in the future in the positive culture of your company.

Building a team isn’t easy but if you engage the services of an expert recruitment partner, the hard part of finding those experience individuals is done for you.

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