Accountability counts

Accountability is the degree to which responsibility is taken or given. Partnership is a formal agreement between two or more parties.

They’re also two words that can almost always explain why your recruiter has not delivered what you required. Exclusivity goes a long way to explaining the difference between the dedicated and the undedicated when it comes to recruitment.

Before delving deeper it’s important to clear up what exclusivity means. Yes, a dictionary would define it as something restrictive or perhaps as exclusionary. Exclusivity means so much more than this and is also much more positive than that kind of description gives the impression of it as.

The simple fact is, in recruitment, exclusivity is freeing. Whilst you are engaging one recruiter for a set period of time with an agreement to pay portions of the agreed-upon amount when certain targets are hit, it does mean that more energy is committed to finding you candidates you need, within that time, and for those payments.

We all know the standard way things are done in this space: multiple contingency recruiters are set the task with no payment upfront, they all agree, they weigh up how much time they can dedicate to the task before they give up because it is costing them money to search and they look, sometimes successfully, most times unsuccessfully. Rinse and repeat.

In the system above, there is no real accountability. There is an illusion of accountability. It is an unspoken rule that recruiters will try, and if they fail, some other recruiters will be found to complete the task. The impetus is on the employer to organise waves of recruiters, none of whom can dedicate a lot of time to the search, and to keep going until the job is done. This leads to a lot of job board searches and communications with candidates who are actively seeking jobs, as going deeper to find prospects is a much more time consuming task.

Specialist recruitment partners work in a different way and they are not afraid of accountability. In fact, they thrive on it. But how do you select that recruiter?

It comes down to three things:


If there is no specialism, how can you differentiate one recruiter from another? Why go for a recruiter who does not have the time or inclination to really learn about your business? Knowing a partner has the knowledge already to operate on the same level as the candidates you are hoping to hire really gives great peace of mind.

Track Record

With specialism comes a strong track record. The hard lessons that a contingency recruiter may learn while working for you have already been learned, so they hit the ground running. They are also operating on a totally different playing field to the contingency recruiter, in that they have not ever been allowed to shy away from the challenge, so the experience they have is genuine and hard won.


The drive and enjoyment of seeing that job right through to the end. The love for the sector your company is in. These things cannot be forced or faked. The candidates you really want, can sense this.

 Add to this, the fact that specialist recruitment partners will work with you to perfect job specs and strategy including cooperatively reworking the plan if a course of action is not producing results, means that you will be getting a lot more for your money than you were previously.

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