Don’t get distracted when you are looking for five stars

It may sound like the most obvious thing in the world but when you are recruiting and are looking for candidates, the best way about it is that of prioritising quality over quantity. Pretty standard idea, so how come it doesn’t always work out that way?

When exploring a recruitment strategy, especially within a sector like Data or Cloud, it behoves a company to understand that if their strategy is not correct, it could cost them more in time and money, than it gains them in business success.

Competition is often an important driving force for a business and can result in benefits, such as the advancement of technology or marketing, opening up new avenues to explore, keeping prices at an appropriate level and so much more. As the hiring of in-demand individuals heats up in a marketplace with too few prime candidates to fulfil those demands, this can lead to precious business resources going straight down the drain.

So many businesses are tackling data for the first time and it can result in confusion as to what kind of team, what size of team, what structure and what the achievable goals are for the team when it begins working on the necessary data projects. If there are no internal experts who can oversee and tackle these issues, this problem can be solved with an external consultant, or even an experience recruitment partner.

Promoting your business correctly during the times you interact with candidates is the best way to convince in-demand candidates that they are in safe hands with you. During the ‘reaching out’ phase, whoever you have handling the initial conversation, usually a dedicated specialist recruitment partner, will sell your company and allay any fears the prospect may have. Using a specialist recruitment partner is a good idea for this as they are not ‘company men’ and have been through what the candidate is going through: they have encountered your business from the outside, and have asked the tough questions about your operations. They can give the prospective candidate the lowdown on the company and honest answers about why they should choose you over your competitors.

During the video interviews, are those conducting the interviews giving the best impression of the company? Are they reading emails on their laptop screen as they interview? Are they using their phone to interview from, rather than a laptop? Is their background untidy? Are they prepared, having read the candidates CV? Have they prepared appropriate questions? All of these things are red flags that can lose you a candidate.

When already-busy hiring managers have to sift through resumes themselves, this can result in great candidates being missed, or too many candidates, who are not right for the job, being interviewed. This is not an effective use of time and can also lead to wastes of other resources such as money. The recruitment specialist you partner will pre-screen in order to save you time. How many times have interviews happened with ten candidates when they could have been pre-screened and reduced to the best three? Add to that waste of time, the fact that with ten candidates to deal with, instead of three, a business will not be as agile in its decision making and will lose those candidates to competitors who actually have their act together.

Tasking multiple generalist contingency recruiters with filling these roles can be a double-edged sword. You can either get very few CVs sent over when the prospects are hard to find, or not active on the job market, or you can be spammed with any CV that is even slightly suitable. When working with a specialist recruitment partner gives you much more of a white-glove service, and costs you the same amount of money, why go for quantity, when you can enjoy the quality?

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