Data science is the shape of things to come

As a change from our usual warnings about the AI, Data and Cloud industries, we thought we would focus on the positive aspects of being a data scientist. According to Harvard Business Review, it is the ‘sexiest’ job of the 21st Century, but what are the best things about it?


Linkedin named ‘Data Scientist’ the most promising job, and with a very competitive salary, it is no surprise that someone would choose data science over a lesser paying, less prestigious role. Graduates can enter high-paying roles straight out of university and progress steadily from there. And that is just the monetary reward, not counting the reward of doing a good job and really making a difference to the company that values data and data scientists.


There is a certain freedom that comes with working in data science. Not only are the data professionals free to move in and out of various, different industries, but when they reach a certain level, they can dictate their own data projects. Also, a lot of the time, those within these roles can make their own hours and flexibly work from home.


As mentioned before, data scientists can work in many spheres as there is a growing need for data and the correct exploitation of that data, in pretty much all industries. Being skilled in maths, stats and programming opens many doors. From big names like Google and Apple to banking to healthcare to charities and NGOs, companies are crying out for data scientists to drive business using their expertise.


Data science is unlike any other job and it requires intelligence and problem solving on a high level. If you desire a role where every day can be different, where there is pressure, where you may be the key to unlocking a whole new level of productivity for your company, then this is the role for you.


Those who are trained and certified, will probably see a doubling of their salary. This doesn’t mean those who are self-taught don’t earn good money, but there is a clear path, clearer than in most professions, to higher pay and higher positions, when you can provide proof that you are at the top level of data professionals.


Data science is not a bubble, but a growing and important field. Obviously, one should always keep up-to-date with the latest tech and techniques, but the world is really waking up to the necessity of skilled data scientists and with that, comes job security and respect. There are many paths, be it security, consultancy, architecture, etc. and they require skilled individuals, as the growth rate for these jobs has not halted yet.

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