Times flies when you’re being indecisive

So you find a candidate that you are interested in and you simply introduce them to your hiring processes and a few weeks later they sign on the dotted line and everything is good in the world, right? Well sometimes fairy tales come true and it is that simple, but it is becoming increasingly clear that things are not as they used to be.

What we are calling the ‘Candidate Ticking Clock’ is a symptom of the switch around from employer-driven hiring market to the employee-driven hiring market and it is a sign of worse things to come if businesses don’t stop acting like they are holding all of the cards.

The wise organisation will question their entire process, from start to finish. Right now, there is a denial that there is a problem, with those firms who do notice something wrong merely tinkering around the edges instead of recognising a total reorganising of their mindset is needed.

So let’s walk through the process and figure out how we can fix things.

Candidates are found, either by a generalist recruiter or by a specialist partner recruiter. More often than not, a specialist will recognise roadblocks in the process but let’s assume that they haven’t this time. If the generalist has found them, it is likely they were actively seeking a new role. If the specialist found them, it is likely they have been persuaded to consider a move from an existing role.

The candidates go to interview. The interview lasts a few rounds. All the while that clock is ticking. How many interviews is enough to ascertain whether this is the right candidate? If the candidate already has a position they are not unhappy about, is your organisation giving them a good reason to jump ship? It needs to be reiterated that you do not hold the cards here. Also, as we mentioned a few weeks ago, the newer generation of employees have values that do not necessarily revolve around money. Your inefficient interview system is dragging on. Remember that you are not the only ones after this candidate. There are other recruiters looking but also their current company is interested in keeping them.

All the while there is a tick tick ticking of the clock.

Did the interviews go well and did they convince them that your firm is special? Those drop outs during the zoom interviews really added to the interviewers nervousness and cranked up the tension. Did the candidate get a good idea of the work environment they will be walking into and did they believe in your company’s ethos?

Remember, the longer you take, the larger the worries of leaving start to grow for those candidates. Their current job will not let them go without a fight. They will receive counter offers and they probably won’t be about money.

Now, this process can take between 2 weeks to 2 months from receipt of resume to offer, but with more people involved in the decision or other candidates entering the mix later on, sometimes it can many months. Ask yourself this: if you had to wait two months for a decision, would it be your sole focus? Would you start forgetting details about the company and role? Would you start reconsidering?

The fact of the matter is that when a person (or a company) is indecisive, it does not give a very good impression of that person (or company). Currently, recruitment partners are having to deliver refreshers about the role because it is taking so long to get a ‘yes’ or ‘no’. That kind of PR exercise of reminding them why they are moving in the first place is important but it shouldn’t have to happen. Candidates do need to be patient, of course, but there is only so long that someone will realistically wait around until you get your act together.

If it was only about the money, then the candidate shouldn’t move from their current role. They will be looking to be valued, to do exciting work. Can you offer them that? If you can, then you just might get that candidate, but you also have to beat that ticking clock.

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