It should be a real connection, not just a contract

With a changing job market, there comes a changing recruitment landscape. While there are still cowboys out there, savvy businesses are engaging recruitment partners in exclusive contracts. This may seem from the outside a more expensive option, but when you scratch beneath the surface, it becomes apparent that this approach can save time, money and effort. How can this be?

Let’s first pick apart what the phrase ‘Exclusive Recruitment Partnership’ means. ‘Exclusive’ refers to the fact that one recruiter is tasked with finding the best candidates for your project, relying on an agreement that means they are the only recruiter you engage, for a set time period. ‘Partnership’ means that the recruiter is involved in more than just finding the prospects. They are invested in the success and may take on an advisory role during the hiring too, recommending hiring strategy or rewriting job specs.

The benefits can be boiled down to four words: Accountability, Security, Expertise and Empathy.

A contract is signed and will be honoured. Because there is a higher level of accountability and responsibility than would be placed on a group of generalist recruiters, you are more likely to get the right result.

That recruitment partner you have engaged takes seriously the fact that they are representing your company. They have worked in this role for many years and as they are specialising, it means they have had success within their niche. If they had not, they would very likely be a generalist recruiter and would not be involved in this conversation.

The recruiter will use their expertise to ask questions about what you are looking for, past experiences and which skills are ‘nice to haves’ and which ones are ‘absolute needs’. That expertise comes in handy when persuading candidates who are not actively seeking a change, that the company knows what it is doing and that they are a perfect match.

It is about finding the best fit for your company and with empathy and understanding, they are the only ones who understand your business, understand the sector and know where to find numerous candidates who could fit. Without the desperation involved in generalism, they can select only the best prospects, saving that company time and money. The recruitment partner is ready to give you a breakdown of why this individual is a great fit for the role. They do not just disappear into the ether and emerge to give you some CVs. They are working to agreed timescales and update you regularly.

This does not have to be a long-term contract or some kind of inflexible arrangement. The idea is that the situation suits both the company looking to hire and the recruitment partner. Some partnerships last four weeks, which is usually long enough to find an amazing candidate to fill one role. Some partnerships can be on a rolling basis. Generally, they involve targets to meet, whether they are stage-based or result-based. Some choose to have a triggering of a percentage of the payment when candidates reach the selection stage, the interview stage and the hiring stage. This is not set in stone. Some may receive their fee when everything is settled. Some may have a cancellation clause fee in order to make sure their valuable time has not been wasted. There are many options and at the end of the day, without mutual respect and without top results, no quality hiring will occur.

There are many other benefits too, including enhanced engagement, better value and the fact that, for sensitive hires, the relationship guarantees confidentiality and discretion.

So when you think about your next vacancy, consider that the ‘spray-and-pray’ approach may not be the right solution. If you have struggled to fill job roles in the past, was it because great candidates weren’t around, or was it the methods used that caused the problem? It may be time to try something new.

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