A little dramatic, sure, but the fight for talent is a serious one

There is no such thing as an easy hire, no matter what you’ve heard or what you believe. There are easier hires, depending on the area you are hiring in, but if you are doing it correctly, it shouldn’t necessarily be easy.

Putting out a job ad and expecting an avalanche of applications used to be the way it was done and companies have been lulled into a false sense of security by the economy being the way it is now, thinking there is a lot of qualified talent floating around waiting to be chosen. This is not the case, and the way through this problem is organisation and realism.

Strategy is required no matter who you are hiring but especially if you are hiring for specialist roles. The quality candidates who were on the open market have been hired during this extended Covid-19 pandemic so the rest of the talent out there is passively looking to leave their current roles.

As lockdown eases, the competition for these great prospects will start to really heat up and those companies who have not caught on yet will be left behind.

Talent may be delaying any moves due to the instability in the economy, not wanting to jump to something which is a riskier prospect.

One of the reasons that companies are finding it hard to find the talent they want is due to loyalty. If the employee has been treated well during the pandemic, they feel they owe something to the company for sticking with them or accommodating their work situation. Another company coming in needs to offer them the same kind of environment where they are a name and not a number.

A lot of the time, the internal recruiting systems that businesses employ are not refined enough to deal with the demands of the job market as it is now. The process is usually outdated, way too long and drawn out, and does not take into account that time is of the essence when your competitors are snapping at your heels.

As more and more vacant job roles come on the market, the disparity between supply and demand will become more and more apparent.

As is usually the case, a lack of supply leads to budgets rising as competition grows to obtain the sparse, prime candidates. If the companies hiring have knowledge about what their candidates are looking for, they will know that oftentimes the prospects are not only looking for money, but are looking for job satisfaction or career progression too. Either way, competitors will be upping their game and probably engaging specialist recruitment experts in order to locate all of the hidden gem candidates they can.

If you do not have the pipelines needed to supply you with candidates, then you need to find someone who does. Specialist recruitment partners are the obvious choice and are becoming a more common part of the recruitment landscape due to the fact that they have knowledge, focused attention and candidate pipelines.

The major problem is that managers are not on the ground when it comes to recruitment and don’t see the state of it and the emerging trends, daily. They shouldn’t have to, of course, but that expertise is needed in the hunt for these hidden candidates or the fight for the best ones will be lost before it has even started.

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