For many businesses, the recruitment strategy is not clean or tidy

Job vacancies have skyrocketed as the economy picks up pace and it is fair to say that it has taken a few people by surprise. In entertainment, IT, construction, the service industry, etc., job vacancies hit around 950k for the 3 months up to July, just shy of a million, according to ONS.

With unemployment falling, the market outdid expectations, possibly due to an economic boost related to restriction relaxation. Exacerbating the disparity between candidates and vacancies, businesses are trying to catch up.

While some are pointing to labour shortages, one possible reason for the gap is the refusal, by companies, to acknowledge the need for a change-up within their recruitment strategy. We use the word ‘strategy’ lightly, as for most organisations, their recruitment is a rote, repetitive routine, unchanged for many years.

With those levels of job vacancies, generalist recruiters are snowed under. This may be a good time for them, but it isn’t such a great time for companies who are requiring really specialist candidates. We have spoken before about those recruiters going for the easiest results and now is no different. Unless you have trained yourself out of it, humans naturally go for the lowest hanging fruit. It is a fact of life and recruiters are no different.

We are not blaming generalist recruiters for this, as companies who need candidates have no one else to blame but themselves. If you have engaged the services of one or more recruiters to feed you CVs, but with no guarantee of a reward at the end of the process, why would they do the work for you? If they get an easier challenge which is more likely to pay off for them, why would they not go for that? If your industry ran on those same rules, you would also be focused on those low-hanging fruit, those easy wins, to bolster your confidence and your bank balance.

Basically: what kind of service do you expect if the service is free?

To put it frankly, this situation has never been easy. Companies just didn’t focus on the realities of it before. They were immune to it when the times were good. It was a nightmare before, how hard do you think it is now?

It is very likely that, right now, you are starting to wonder when you will hear from the agencies you tasked with finding you prime prospects. You probably won’t hear back from them. They are busy finding the easier-to-find candidates for someone else. Why should those agencies send you resumes?

Because they said they would? When the chips are down, they have better things to do. Life is about partnerships and relationships. You do not have a partnership with them. You don’t really have a relationship with them. They don’t owe you anything. It may sound harsh, but it is the truth.

If you are expecting loyalty from them, think about the loyalty you have shown them. Is there even any loyalty there? Did you select one recruiter to find you what you need, or did you contact a few in the hopes that one of them will come through? How can you expect the results you want if you cannot be loyal to them?

We appreciate that you haven’t thought about any of this before and it can be something of a paradigm shift to reconsider your whole approach to recruitment. If everything is going well, then you don’t need to worry. If, however, you have noticed that things aren’t running as smoothly as you would like, then that needs to be addressed.

With one million job vacancies, think about when recruiters will finally get around to helping you with your recruitment. You can wait around and hope or you can do something about it.

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