A question that can literally cloud people’s minds

As we recruit for Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Cloud, we are often asked by hiring managers to explain the jargon. We thought we would focus on the confusion around the Cloud.

For those thinking there are some ‘dark arts’ surrounding the cloud, we assure you that the subject is not complex, there are just a few different varieties of things like deployment, and within deployment there are a few varieties of hybrid cloud.

‘The Cloud’

The joke going around is that no one knows what the cloud is and where it is, it just IS. There is no real mystery once you know what it is. It is basically normal computer architecture involving real servers, only it is now available over the internet and the servers are worldwide.

Cloud Storage

This is essentially the storage of an app or data or a file on the internet. You do it all the time on something like Google Docs. You upload your file to store it and then anyone you give access to it can access it. In business terms, it is generally used to store and share business documents. Some businesses use the cloud solely to store their information, while others use it for infrastructure purposes, which takes us into…

Cloud Computing

The confusion usually comes with cloud computing, as it has a few varieties of deployment.

For ‘Public Cloud’, Microsoft Azure, Google GCP and Amazon AWS are the big names within this space. They are huge and easily scalable, suited to collaborations. You may want to take advantage of an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to store your data or process it, or use a Software as a Service (SaaS) so the processing is away from your internal infrastructure.

Public Cloud does not require a lot of money, you don’t need a physical infrastructure, you can scale up when you need more, you have advanced security thanks to your provider. Having said that, you are beholden to your provider too, so if their security is lacking, yours will be too.

The ‘Private Cloud’ is a cloud which is ringfenced and firewalled for use by one organisation to store info and access from anywhere. This can give greater peace of mind but also more headaches as it can only scale up with the addition of more servers, which makes it more expensive.

‘Community Cloud’ is specifically for similar organisations or those within the same industry to share the server space for similar tasks. It is a private that acts like it is public. It benefits those involved because they are all in the same boat, so to speak. The downside is that with everyone being equal, prioritisation and privacy can be a concern, meaning this model is not for everyone.

A ‘Hybrid Cloud’ offers both of the above options at the same time, with public and private co-existing when needed, and it comes in two varieties. One type augments the private cloud with the public cloud for scaling up. The other runs some non-critical apps on public while the bulk of the important work is on the private cloud. Of course, you must find a provider who is adept at the hybrid model or you will run into difficulties.

So now you know about Cloud, you can chat about it with ease. If you are recruiting for Cloud projects and you need a recruitment partner, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Zenshin.

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