Stop waiting for the cogs to just fall into place

With almost a million job vacancies in the last 3 months, it is clear that companies are not strategically solving their recruitment problems in a timely enough fashion. This may be a generalisation but we know it is true enough, judging by the stats.

Focusing on recruitment strategy during these highly competitive times should not only be a consideration, but a priority. In a job market where your competitors are looking for every advantage, you cannot afford to wait around.

Concentrating on your brand is a key component. This is not just in reference to your logo or tagline. You must be selling your company to your prospective employees with every action and with every engagement. Why should someone choose you over your competition? Why is your organisation superior to the one the candidate is currently employed by? A good idea is to assess your company’s performance up until now, by asking your current employees why they chose the company and why they have stayed.

Be alert and aware of what is happening in your industry in terms of remuneration. What you are offering on this front should be both realistic and competitive. The benefits should be ones that would be useful to the prospects and not just a package full of neat but ultimately useless offers. Money is not the only concern of these newer generations of employees but the compensation should be in-line with market norms.

Applying for ‘Best Places To Work’ awards can be very enlightening as they force a business to interrogate the work environments they create and find what is lacking. Having your workforce complete questionnaires honestly about their experiences can shine a light on areas that have been neglected or perhaps not even considered before. Yes, it can be painful, but once you know, you can start to fix things that have gone wrong. The aim is to strengthen your brand so that you can actually win one of those awards and that, in turn, promotes you positively to the candidates you are trying to attract.

If you find candidates who are perhaps not right for the certain role you interviewed them for, but are excellent prospects for other roles, make sure to keep in touch with them and keep them engaged with the company and its progress. This does not, of course, mean bugging and harassing them, but does mean checking in every now and again. Nothing makes a candidate feel they are understood and valued like a company keeping an eye on them and reaching out.

Do you have collateral to send or a portal to visit where prospective candidates can see what you company is about without having to spend a lot of time researching? What is an average day like in the job you are advertising? Are you utilising video to show the candidate the physical environment of the office, or the team they will be working with. Does the job description truly demonstrate the role they will be filling?

Companies should always be building their public brand in many different ways so that there is a slow drip-drip-drip amongst those in your industry, making sure that there is positive buzz or name recognition out there. Any media requests should be strongly considered. Add to that a slick and functioning website plus responsive social media and you are helping to build the brand.

Sending out recruiters to represent your brand should also be carefully considered. Specialist recruitment partners will always know about your industry and your company. They will be able to sell your company expertly as they have a vested interest in seeing the role filled.

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