Working Toward Your Future

Our mission is the empowerment of tech companies or businesses running tech projects to create world-class teams and reach new tech frontiers. We believe in a data-driven future and know that the best humans with the requisite skillsets are required in order to get us there.

We know our specialisms inside out. Our specialisms are:


Data Science

Machine Learning


Computer Vision

Natural Language

Founded on the principle that for AI and Data to progress as it should, the recruitment for these teams must never be left to generic recruitment companies who do not specialise within those disciplines. Since we started up a few years ago, we have placed data scientists and AI experts into companies, we have created perfectly-balanced teams from scratch, we have been consulted on the best course of action for companies just starting out on data projects and we are growing far beyond our business plan.

Zenshin Talent is adept at finding those candidates who are perfect but who are not even actively looking for their next role. Thanks to our experience, we avoid the pitfalls that generic recruitment agencies

When we become a recruitment partner, that means that we are invested in the success of the team and we will spend all of our time and resources ensuring that the best and brightest hires are selected. Generic recruiters can sometimes become desperate to find candidates to put forward but Zenshin Talent can build a rapport with prospects because we know what we are talking about and we know exactly what our partners are looking for.

The core beliefs of Zenshin Talent are:

Integrity – strong morals lead to a strong future

Boldness – to make a difference, you must stand apart from your peers

Honesty – only when we speak the truth do we know the facts

Trust – relationships must be built on trust or they fall apart

Accountability – responsibility and respect go hand in hand

Innovation – there is no success or growth without innovation

Teamwork – teamwork makes the dream work

These are principles that Zenshin will never compromise.

If there is a larger goal or purpose that Zenshin Talent wants to achieve, it is for Data, AI and all of our other specialisms to receive the respect they deserve. We know that companies may not understand fully what these disciplines mean for the future but we want to play our part in demonstrating and teaching those companies just how important they are, not just for the business, but for the world. These candidates have honed their skills and we want to see them get the respect they deserve too.

Zenshin Talent is not a stuffy and old-fashioned recruiter. It simply cannot afford to be in this fast-moving world. We know the job we need to do, we achieve it, we look to innovate when it is needed and we also retain that human edge, something businesses within tech sometimes lose. To us, it starts and ends with a human because that is how you build human connections. partners know this and you will too. Productive working relationships are paramount.

The beliefs we share with our partners mean that respect and openness are key. We promise the candidates that they will be valued within our partner companies because we make it clear to the partner why the project is so important. Everyone must be on the same page and we make sure that they are. Our passions and affinities are shared and that results in a great partnership.

Curious about how Zenshin Talent can help your organisation? Contact us today for a no-strings conversation about your needs and our experience.