If you want to build a great team, you must become part of a team with a recruiter

Preferred Supplier Lists (PSLs) have been around for decades and they are still considered the gold standard of recruiting practices. The problem is that PSLs, as well as contingency recruitment, is that using different recruiters takes you to edge of CV spamming.

To build world-leading teams requires building a recruitment partnership that works for your business. A dedicated recruitment partner can not only help you hire in the short-term, but can address larger hiring plans.

So what are the benefits of a single recruiter getting under the bonnet of your business?

1. Exclusivity

It’s a simple fact that if you are a generalist, contingency recruiter working as a gun-for-hire for lots of different companies, who also have multiple recruiters working their roles, you will seek to justify the time and effort you put into finding a candidate by offering said candidate to multiple employers. Then, the game becomes one of who will pay more for that candidate. It happens and it makes no sense to pretend that it doesn’t. What you get from a recruitment partner is exclusivity, as they are dedicated to finding that perfect candidate for your role. They have a contract so their time is not wasted and your time is not wasted interviewing candidates who are being touted elsewhere.

2. The Full Service

You will not find partners running away due to a loss of interest the way regular recruiters can, because they are fully committed to your cause. Taking time to contact and persuade passive prospects is part of the agreement because the job is not finished until the prime candidate is found for the role. This means they will screen the candidates better, rather than handing you ‘almost rights’. Screening takes time for recruiters but saves time in the interview stages, saving time in the long-run.

3. Cost Effective

Making payments for their recruitment upfront is something that companies are not used to and because of this that they reject, out-of-hand, the possibility of a dedicated specialist recruitment partner. What if we told you that it isn’t any more expensive than generalist recruiters. It just means that the payment doesn’t come at the end, it is usually broken up into 3 parts and paid when each stage is successful. Contingency recruiters still have their place but if you need to fill that position quickly, or have a large team to build out of specialist talent, then the focus you get from a recruitment partner is second to none.

4. Resource Prioritisation

The work done by the recruitment partner in pre-interviewing the candidates cuts down on the workload of the hiring manager and leaves them free to concentrate on other matters.

5. Confidentiality

If, for whatever reason, you wish to keep your recruitment needs under wraps, then a recruiter who has signed an agreement to work exclusively with your company, is far more likely to keep your secrets. If you are interested in candidates who work for your competitors, it is also the good idea to work with someone who appears to be a third party.

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