One takes you back the way you came, the other takes you on to your future

The transition to a different way of doing things is always a long and drawn-out affair. Recruitment has not changed in many decades and yet, is anyone really satisfied with it? Is it free of headaches and false starts and miscommunication and abandoned jobs?

Specialist Recruitment Partners are a relatively new concept, born out of the need to guarantee results. As the job market becomes more and more candidate-driven, generalist recruiters just skimming the job boards for active job seekers is no longer the guarantee it once was.

Waking up and recognising the benefits of this type of recruitment will place your company in a great position for the future. Change is hard. Convincing people that the way they are doing things is not the best way, even though nearly everyone else is doing it, is part of the challenge.

The generalist recruitment firm will assure you that they have dedicated departments in the specialist area you need, such as data, AI, Cloud, etc. but how true is that? Do they have external recruiters called up just for that job? No matter what is going on, if you need a very niche candidate, why would you not select a niche recruiter?

Recruitment Partners are a different breed. They are dedicated to a client and delivering to that client what the client needs, no matter how difficult. The atmosphere of mutual respect allows the best work to be done.

Deadlines are important. Using their resources in the best ways possible to deliver the best results. Finding those hidden gem candidates is no easy task but, when allowed the freedom to adapt their search until they find them, Recruitment Partners will hit their targets.

Are generalist recruiters willing to turn away with work to get your job done? There will be exceptions, of course, as there are to every rule, but the majority will not turn down work because, and they absolutely have our sympathy here, they have no choice, always chasing the most stable of the unstable work, the best bet in the gamble. Exclusivity is not their priority.

The hesitance to adopt the newer way of doing things would make sense if Recruitment Partners cost more than generalist recruiters but they don’t really. The structure of payments is just different that is all. Split into 3 staged payments that are released when each stage of the recruitment is completed. It actually benefits the recruiter to perform these tasks to the absolute best of their abilities. They have something at stake.

The unscrupulous recruiter who spends time seeking out candidates only to then basically auction them off to the highest bidder, unbeknownst to them? The organisations who are putting their trust in that type of recruiter are left spinning in the wind, more time is ticking down, desperation sets in. That kind of recruiter does not desire the scrutiny that naturally comes with partnerships. They are not beholden to anyone and don’t really want to be either. Specialist recruitment partners do not pitch the prospective candidates to all and sundry, because they are dedicated to your quest.

The candidates, who are so integral to the process, but who get treated like a secondary thought by the unscrupulous recruiters must be shown that they are valued. If they are approached by someone who tells them that there are a number of opportunities available, they will not feel targeted. They will not believe that they have been contacted because they are special, but that a scattergun effect has been applied to find them and a further scattergun approach is now being applied to which jobs are suitable. This is alienating behaviour and does nothing to build trust.

Specialist Recruitment Partners are a way to break away from the short-term thinking that has left many companies in trouble during the pandemic. Making a change for the better has to start today.

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